The mission of MENding Families is to heal and advance families; empower men, husbands, and fathers to honor, embrace and respect the women and children in their lives.

Vision: All men will have responsible and respectful roles in their families.  This encompasses creating constructive traditional relationships that shape stronger legacies; promote family preservation and foster healthy marriage between men and women as the best option.

Values: Create a platform where men are capable of and opt to take full responsibility for themselves, their wives, parenting partners, and children and asserting the social, psychological and health benefits of abstinence outside of the context of marriage.

Goals: 1) diminish single parenting and erase foster parenting; 2) increase school success including academic and behavioral outcomes; 3) escalate career development; 4) reduce violent crime and gang involvement; 5) decrease detrimental behaviors and strengthen a culture of healthy living and education; 6) build viable communities

Purpose – Process – Partnerships – Programming

PURPOSE – MENding Families is a nonprofit organization designed to provide life and recovery strategies predominately through father focus family restructuring and reconciliation by transforming personal paradigms through social, educational and career development coaching for all people to shape stronger legacies

PROCESS –  MENding Families provides direction while enabling participants to resolve their own issues and become sustainable contributors in their community via specialized group and individual sessions for adults and younger learners. Case management activities like goal setting, revealing past crisis, preventing future catastrophes and developing coping skills are addressed, often confronting challenges such as family reconciliation, child support/visitation, anger management, career development, health, education and more. Curriculum developers are multidisciplinary with expertise in theory and sound research.

PARTNERSHIPS – MENding Families works in collaboration and coordination with other agencies that share similar objectives and assists in delivering family, educational, recreational, career development and other self- sufficiency services.

PROGRAMMING MENding Families activities include group support, one-on-one coaching and partnering with other community agencies to ensure ultimate access to resources and on-going training. Support groups are available for men, women, and youth addressing relevant concerns and challenges. Expected outcomes include a reduction in anger outburst, harmful and fatal behavior, and diffusing criminal activity as well as academic, social and aesthetic awareness and advancement paired with escalated exposure and appreciation for the arts and culture sensitivity.  As a charitable organization, our goal to enhance the educational base and resources that will shape stronger family legacies for all. 

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs or religious orientation;  a man and a woman are required to naturally produce a child. Societal norms have altered family composition to include a variety of configurations.