The mission of MENding Families is to invest in families empowering fathers and men to respect and honor the women and children in their lives enhancing family legacies and building constructive traditional relationships

Purpose – Process – Programming

PURPOSE – MENding Families is a nonprofit organization providing life and recovery strategies predominately through father focused family restructuring and recovery. Primarily designed to provide a training model utilizing comprehensive social services specifically to men and at-risk male adolescents, parents,other adults and youth, incarcerated and returning citizens as well as specified services for veterans and to help participants meet the needs of their spouses and children; obtain employment; co-parent effectively; and shape stronger legacies in their home and community. Our purpose is to shift paradigm for under served and struggling communities by reducing family pressures to shape stronger legacies.

PROCESS – This is implemented by committed, competent and compassionate coaches to duplicate services globally particularly in under served communities. Connecting participants through confidential and comprehensive community resources; and generating a network of providers to help families resolve their issues enables participants to become sustainable contributors in their community. Although a relevantly new charitable organization, the principle facilitators have provided similar services with documented affirmative outcomes since 1991. Tools are provided to anchor change in participants thinking for improved outcomes.

PROGRAMMING – Activities include group support; one on one coaching and partnering with other community agencies to enhance school/community programs; provide resources and on-going training. Support groups are provided for adult men and women addressing relevant concerns and challenges as well as with youth. Curriculum has been developed, and utilized with positive results.Volunteers are trained to exponentially spread services. A proven volunteer model reliant upon goodwill and outreach is utilized for most service delivery. Trained participants who have accomplished initial goals are encouraged to become facilitators. This recycling is an indigenous benefit to the whole community. Sites extend wraparound services focusing on education, recreation, family development and other self- sufficiency services. Expected outcomes include anger management employed to diffuse potential criminal, harmful and fatal incidents; academic, social and aesthetic awareness and advancement; and exposure and appreciation for the arts.