Board of Directors


After over a twenty-five years of providing father focused familyBill & staservices;  Stacie Banks Hall established MENding Families as a nonprofit which originated as AHI in 2011.

Stacie utilized the training she acquired as National Directors of the renowned Institute for Responsible Fatherhood and Family Revitalization to provide fathers and other participants meaningful life transforming coaching. Read More…


Mrs. Turner is an Early Childhood Educator who has excelled in various learning environments. Executing productive strategies to generate exceptional measurable outcomes is one of her many contributions to our educational programming. As Department Chair, she designs data boards that show student progress and has standardized OST curriculum and assessment tools to ensure quality outcomes for the students.She has a host of trainings that include Responsive Classroom Training, OWL training, Everyday Math training, Message Time Plus training, Wolf Trap teacher trained; holds a Maryland State Department of Education Conditional Certificate and is a member of NAEYC.

Mrs. Turner’s experience as a Washington, D.C. Charter School teacher strengthens our access to common core curriculum and open doors feasible field trips that are significant in OST programming. Mrs. Turner also provides professional development workshops for her school staff and participates in IEP and 504 plan meetings. She has also taught in Prince George’s County Public Schools and held grade level team meetings. Mrs. Turner is married and has triplet boys that challenge her holistic approach to education and parenting.


For more than a decade, he has been exposed to outreach with fathers and their families. Watching his parents, William and Stacie Hall build a long-lasting marriage and helping other families gain greater control over their relationships has inspired him to commit to similar values and expectations for himself which genuinely influences others.

Will utilizes his early childhood, elementary and special education knowledge and training to effectively create opportunities for children of all ages. His desire to fully develop young minds into healthy well-adjusted functioning members of our community while expanding his experiences and formal learning in thriving educational-human services settings is realized in his current positions. He has been on various teaching teams since 2001 ranging from child development centers to his current role in the Prince George’s County Public Schools.

He has completed coursework for the 90-hour Child Care credential and continues to pursue a professional degree in social science. Recognizing the impact of effective parenting from his own parents solidified his decision to work with after school programs.In the OST program he manages in a Washington, D.C. SE residential complex, he has intentionally developed relationships with the parents of students he supervises in a STEM based program. The parents rely on his educational expertise as much as his shared interest for their children’s whole development. Will provides direction to parents for much needed community resources. He coaches parents on issues ranging from school progress, bullying and nutrition to employment readiness, health resources, domestic disputes and other social services. A significant function of his position is ensuring students not only receive homework help that parents may not be equipped to assist with as well as ensuring students get an evening meal that parents may not be able to fully furnish either. He is Anger Management and BARJ trained and utilizes his skills to mediate issues amongst his students.


Mrs. Thomas’ zeal for assisting children explore and discover is only matched by my own appetite to learn more and experience working with children of all cultures and ethnicities coupled with being a trained foster care professional. She earned her undergraduate degree from Bowie State University in Child and Adolescent Studies and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in social work.

She has worked as an Early Childhood educator, taught in a Washington, D.C. Charter school and elementary school with Prince George’s County Public Schools where is created Data Walls to inform parents, students and administrators of student progress. She has also taught with a Washington, D.C. Summer School program providing educational and OST programming. Her interest in teaching dance sparks from her High School National Championships and University of Maryland Eastern Shore Diamond Dance, Team Member and Manager experience.

Mrs. Thomas is married to a PGC police officer. She met Wayne Thomas, Jr. while attending UMES and when he completed his Master’s Degree, the coupled moved back to Bowie, Maryland. Together they parent three children and are trained/certified foster care providers. Her parenting knowledge and coaching has prepared her for continued work with a community-based organization.


alMr. Gibbs is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with significant experience in corporate settings prior to working in the human service field for over 15 years. He is a frequent conference presenter for National Partnership for Community Leadership (NPCL) on fatherhood issues; and for the Men’s Health Network on men’s health issues.

Mr. Gibbs is a member of the Dialogue on Men’s Health, a national stakeholder group of over 50 broad-based organizations and experts involved in advancing the health of all Americans, with a particular focus on improving the health and well-being of men, boys, and their families; member of the Advisory Board of Bowie State University Social Work Department; member of the Men’s Health Network Board of Advisors and has been a volunteer at Adam’s House since 2008, in Prince George’s County, MD. Some of the community positions he has held include: Baltimore City Public Health Department, Deputy Commissioner; Saginaw County Public Health Department, Deputy Health Officer; Project Coordinator with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and Program Chief for the Prince George’s County Health Department (PGCHD), directing Operation Safe Kids addressing the physical and psychosocial issues and needs of adjudicated youth. He has earned Masters’ Degrees in Industrial Technology and Social Work.


Mr. Turner is a system administrator who utilizes his organizational skills and experience in the Information Technology field to promote MENding Families. He has certificates in Management Skills for an IT Environment and in Networking Information Technology. He has worked for as a Network Technician. Providing basic configures on new or upgraded hardware to completing Rack audit for Bricks and Spines. During his employment with Equinix Inc., he was Lead Network Technician, Assuming Site Supervisor duties for 4 months while supervisor was offsite as well as managed two data centers; with eight employees. He has experience with fault isolating and troubleshooting networks including LAN and WAN. He has multiple certificates and started his career in child care center. Currently employed with Amazon and his experience working with children gives him combination of skills perfect for supporting OST programming focused on STEM.