Additional Services

Additional services designed to enhance participant personal growth consist of:

College Student / Internships – promotes students studying the field of social sciences for career and life skills necessary for success. Our purpose is to inspire discovery and expand the foundation on which new coaches can build training for future professional endeavors.

Although interns will not acquire all the skills in this experience, they will be exposed to a vast combination of activities to help prepare them for implementing appropriate practices. Reporting to a supervisor, arriving on time, managing administrative tasks, attending meetings and adhering to deadlines are some of the responsibilities interns assume.

clothes closet

Clothes Closet with consignment quality and boutique fashions are the designs that men, women and children find almost free at any time. Clean, pressed and fresh; causal, dress or business attire including readiness for a new job, school environments or just basic needs with only ready to deliver donations accepted.


Child Development Services –  superior quality child care is promoted for parents with children of varying abilities. In a safe, inclusive family-friendly atmosphere with approachable, well-trained staff, sites are managed by exemplary State credentialed Early Child Care professionals committed to implementing best practices, fostering high standards, attention to curriculum, optimal child-adult ratios, minimal staff turnover, active parent-center partnerships and OST programming.

Food For Friday – an initiative to help ensure students are fed over the weekend when schools meals are not available. Millions of children miss meals while billions of Federal dollars are not used to help feed children.

We plan to assist with existing programs such as “Back Pack” to feed children by sending two nutritious meals home each weekend.

The “RING”  If your marriage seems like a virtual boxing ring; fighting all the time, then join the Marriage “Ring”. A continuous circle of married men to women that need to be around other couples that are banded together ‘til death do we part”. Reignite the moment when you put the ring on your spouse’s finger. Your marriage is worth jumping through one more loop!

Veterans Services provides a seamless transition for those who have served our country with the same dignity and compassion they served. Advocating for the best services, this may translate in our basic services through individual or groups sessions.  Other essential supportive services such as resume preparation, employment placement as well as clothing, medical, and transportation assistance is also provided directly or via referrals.  Facilitating referrals for urgent situations as housing, substance abuse and treatment counseling while integrating primary programming such as child support assistance, educational and career development to ensure optimal services.

Tobacco Project partners with The Maryland Center at Bowie State University, Smoking Cessation and Tobacco Education Services were outreach is provided to support the Cigarette Restitution Fund (CRF) Program with funds derived from the 1998 Master Tobacco Settlement Agreement with the tobacco industry. The goal of the CRF Program is to implement strategies to reduce the burden of tobacco related disease in Maryland, emphasizing tobacco use prevention/cessation, cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment.