Youth Outreach


 “Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead” is designed to enhance school-age students’ proficiency in science, technology, engineering, arts/athletics, math and encourage reading activities while having fun. This initiative is a conduit to create resolution and reconciliation to family obstacles and is committed to the advancement of young people through relevant approaches. Our (OST) Out-of-School–Time programming provides superior quality supplementary opportunities for students in a safe, inclusive family-friendly atmosphere. Our approachable staff is committed to implementing best practices, fostering high standards and attention to curriculum including reading recovery. MENding Families will help establish a library and assist students to obtain library cards; form Chess Tournaments; introduce the arts and help youth use computer games and web-based tools to increase competency.  Sports, field trips, career exploration and other fun activities are designed to stimulate HOT (Higher Order Thinking) students. Parent involvement is encouraged and family-focused events/recreation incorporated. Community resources are provided to empower participants and parents to eliminate barriers to gain independence, promote social awareness and personal development. The goal is to cultivate a paradigm that shifts the thinking of youth and families that promotes pro-social relationships, effective interpersonal skills, and institute a sense of hope in the future. The social, psychological and health benefits of abstinence outside of the context of marriage is conveyed. Learning to develop healthy relationships will allow youth to gain tools to navigate responsibly through the endeavors of adulthood with confidence and success.